Monday, May 18, 2009

Jewel, CVS Coupon Notes

Last night I tried out the "buy 4, save $4 instantly" deal on Kellogg's cereal at Jewel. I didn't include it in my Wednesday flyer roundup because I wasn't sure if the ad meant that the $4 savings was reflected in the 4/$10 price or not. Folks on the Hot Coupon World Jewel forum were also confused.
In case you, too, were wondering, the $4 savings comes off AFTER the 4/$10 price, making the cereal $1.50 a box. And of course I used four $1/1 printables, making them 50 cents a box. I didn't want any beeping, since I was sneaking the IPs in on the self-checkout, so I only bought the cereals named on the coupons. Fortunately, the offer includes Rice Krispies, Raisin Bran, Mini Wheats and a few others that those coupons named.
I also got four boxes of 12-count Pop-Tarts on the same deal, using two $1/2 coupons from some insert of the past. The boxes also say that if you send in five "tokens" from the back, they'll send you a free movie ticket. This is not as good as the other Pop-Tart offer going, which is a $10 iTunes gift card or code or whatever. But the iTunes offer was not on my favorite flavor, Frosted Cherry, so what are you gonna do? I still have to get a fifth box so I can send in for the movie ticket.
And then there's CVS. Since I had the luxurious freedom of shopping all alone yesterday (actually I asked both girls to go but they wanted to stay home with Daddy), I stopped into CVS on my way home and printed coupons. Got a bunch of stuff, including a $5/$30 for each card.
And today, I caved to Pebbles' request to "go store buy cookies." She had no way of knowing that _I_ knew that Fig Newtons and Lorna Doones were on sale for $1, and please don't tell her, because she went down for her nap feeling like she had won the lottery.
Anyway, I got two of those Dole fruit cups, which are on sale for $1.67 each, a lower price than you generally see in any grocery store. I used a $1/2 printable that says "Dole Fruit Parfaits," which is actually a different product. But if you still have this printable around, go ahead and use it for the fruit cups, because it worked with no problem. It expires 5/22 so I had nothing to lose trying it.


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