Friday, May 15, 2009

Is This a Good Deal for a Food Processor?

Sorry to leave you so lonesome today! I was busy blogging about a possibly money-saving Web site for getting around Chicago over at UpTake, getting interviewed on Skype about Wise Bread's money saving book for a soon-to-be-launched Web site, working on my own soon-t0-launch Web site with the Chicago Tribune, and -- oh yes -- I dragged two unusually hyper children to the midwife with me and kept an eye on them for the rest of this rainy day.
After a fancy pizza and salad for Friday night movie night (thanks to an 80% off gift cert purchased at, our dinner from at Oak Park's La Bella cost us just $22), I'm browsing through Amazon's Friday sale. Not that much here that Mir hasn't' already pointed out.
Except I think I deserve a new food processor before the new baby comes, don't you? I have a combo blender/processor, but the food processor attachment broke and I've been meaning to look into replacing it for like, a year now.
Oh, and guess what? I got to be No. 1 on Money Saving Mom's Mr. Linky today. So if you're new to my site via Crystal's fabulous blog, welcome!