Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Wrote a Book. Well, a Teensy Part of It

I have published hundreds of pages of print media, so I don't exactly get all excited when I see my name on the page.
Yet, I can't deny being a little tickled to see my work in a real, life book for the first time. Yesterday I received an advance copy of Wise Bread's first book, a collection of money-saving tips which includes a post I wrote about cancelling cable TV.
You can receive a copy too, from It's already marked down to $10, which I guess should not make me happy, but hey, I want everyone to get bargains.

Besides my work, the book contains some great tips for cheaply spicing up meals by Myscha Theriault, how to be fabulous lessons from Andrea Dickson and Sarah Winfrey, and the secrets behind EVERYTHING from toilet paper conservation to sneaky credit card tricks from Paul Michael. If you haven't been reading Wise Bread, these people are all fun and knowledgeable writers and I've learned a lot from them.