Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Grocery Deals -- 5/21-5/27 JEWEL-OSCO/ALBERTSONS/SHAWS

These days I dig my Jewel flyer out of the Wednesday paper with the excitement of a kid digging for the cereal box prize. What will they give us this week? Any new Catalinas? It's funny because I know a lot of customers are disgruntled with Jewel these days, according to the Hot Coupon World forum. But I feel like they've been pretty good to us promo-wise.
Well, there are no new Catalina deals listed in the flyer, but there are plenty of good matchups with the Kraft Qs still available on, as well as the return of last year's Ball Park franks/Sara Lee buns/watermelon deal.
boneless, skinless chicken breasts $1.99/lb.
Jewel hot dog buns 88 cents
Kellogg's cereal $1.78 (if you didn't use up your $1/1 coupons last week, it looks like the same cereal that you could have gotten for $1.50 a box is now $1.78 a box. Still under a buck, so that's good.
Jewel butter, 1 lb. $1.99
Nabisco crackers bogo @ $4.19 (there are a number of $1/1s for Nabisco crackers on which would make them $1.10 a box if you use two. There was also a "free Wheat Thins when you buy Ritz" in the 5/17 SmartSource which MIGHT make both boxes free. Let me know if you try it!)
strawberries bogo @ $3.99/lb.
whole watermelon 13-17 lbs. $3.99 (about 25 cents a pound)
California cherries $2.48/lb. (Oh MAN. We have been having such a good time eating blackberries, blueberries and strawberries this week that I forgot CHERRIES are coming. I love spring.)
Edy's ice cream 1.5 qt. bogo @ ?
Oscar Meyer, Louis Rich or Ball Park franks, $1.50 for 1 lb. (use $1/2 from 5/17 RedPlum to get them for $1 each. ALSO I believe I saw the tearpad, like last summer, for free Sara Lee buns if you buy 2 Ball Park franks, and others have reported seeing that same "$3 off a watermelon" if you buy Sara Lee buns. With all 3 coupons, you should be able to get your hot dogs, buns and a watermelon for $3 total!)
(Oh, and this won't help THIS time, but Money Saving Mom posted a link where you can request a FREE pack of Oscar Meyer hot dogs.)
iced custard eclaires, 3 pack, bogo @ $3.49
Kraft dressing $1.67 (use $1.50/1 Q from 5/10 SmartSource to get for 17 cents)
Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce $1 (use $1/2 from 5/10 SmartSource to get for 50 cents each)
Kraft singles $1.77/12 oz. (use $1/2 printable or if you can find it $1/1 tearpad)
Breakstone's sour cream, 16 oz., $1.29 (use $1/2 printable to get them for 80 cents each)
Kraft cheese $2 for 8 oz. (if 2% cheese is included use $1/1 printable to get for a buck)
Minute Maid lemonade, 64 oz., bogo @ $2.49
Dannon Activia drinks 4-pack $3 (if you got a $1.50/1 Catalina like I did, will be $1.50)
Tombstone pizza $3.66 (use $1/2 printable to get them for $3.16 each)
Kraft Barbecue Sauce 89 cents (use $1/1 Kraft BBQ printable to get it FREE) (These have been printing Catalinas at other stores if you buy 4 or more bottles so if you can print four you might get a surprise)
Coke or Sprite 12-packs 5/$11, must buy 5, AND you get 2 8-9 oz. packs Hillshire Farm lunch meat free. (wow)
Buy 2 Wild Harvest salad blend (5 oz., $3.50 each) and get 1 lb. tomatoes on vine free
Jewel Italian sausage or bratwurst bogo with in-store coupon
Arm & Hammer laundry detergent bogo @ $8.79
Coupon matchups from Hot Coupon World.


Anonymous said...

Did you see in the Jewel flyer on the first page is the butter for $1.99/lb. and then a few pages in is butter BOGO? Misprint?

Carrie said...

I wondered at first too. But look closer -- the bogo butter is only 8 oz. and so it works out to a much worse deal.