Sunday, May 3, 2009

Frugal Double-Foul

Today Epu took Nutmeg to see "The Wizard of Oz" at the Chicago Theater as a birthday present. I bought the tickets, and at the time I thought I was being frugal since I stopped and got them at the box office instead of paying Ticketmaster fees. OK, at $60 apiece this was still a HUGE splurge for a birthday present, but I liked that she wanted to go see a play instead of asking for some stupid toy that would just clutter up the house.
Literally the same day, I noticed an ad showing that I could have bought discounted tickets through Jewel-Osco. That made me feel bad.
Then today before they left, Epu was looking at the tickets, and asked, "Why do these both say 'adult'?"
Huh? I never even THOUGHT of asking at the box office if they had discounted tickets for children. Me, never thought of asking for a discount! Can you imagine?
Since today was the last day, I can't look on Ticketmaster to find out how much the kids' prices were. Perhaps it's better this way.
By the way, I've seen these ads for tickets to events in Jewel booklets, but I don't see ANYTHING about it online. Anyone know if there is something on the Web I'm not seeing about discount tickets at Jewel?


Helen said...

I thought a lot of the Jewel 'deals' were just if you showed your prefered card at purchase...

Carrie said...

Hmm, like show card at the box office? I will have to read up on this next time I pick up one of Jewel's booklet flyer things.

Together We Save said...

I have a blogger award for you. Stop by my blog and check it out.