Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Finally, the Scoop on My Pretty Good Jewel Run

This week I spent $78 grocery shopping, which is right on target. (We used to have an $80 a week budget, but then a few months ago I spent tons of money stocking up on coffee and cut $2 a week from my budget through June. Almost there! And then I shall spend my extra $2 a week on nicer organic coffee because we're down to our last few bags.)
I spent $29 on a $50 transaction at Jewel, which would have been about sweeter if I'd been able to find the in-store coupons for free Sara Lee hot dog buns and $3 off a watermelon. But I still feel like I did fairly well -- the difference between the $51 (plus tax) card price and the final price means I used $24 in coupons. That's one $5/$50 store coupon and $19 in manufacturer's coupons.
The best deals from that trip were four bottles of free Kraft bbq sauce with $1/1 printable (I was hoping a Catalina would print, but none did), Artisinal Wheat Thins at $1.10 a box (bogo with 2 coupons), a 4-pack of DanActive yogurt for $1 after using a $1.50 Catalina Q (it said it was for DanActive drinks but it worked on the yogurt), Kraft cheese for $1 an 8 oz. brick after $1/1 printable, and Ball Park Franks for $1 after $1/2 MQ.
I could have squeezed a buck or two more off with a couple last-minute additions I had to make, but the manager who does not like me was watching and at that point I was happy to get through my huge stack of coupons at the self-checkout and get out.
Then we had two splurge shopping trips: one where I asked Epu to stop for a loaf of crusty bread because I forgot to do the bread machine, and he bought himself a $9 six-pack of beer (that's why I usually say no! when he asks if I need anything on his way home from work!), and one to Woodman's in Kenosha, where we spent $41, mostly on Asian sauces for spicing up our home cooking, Asian noodles and a few other goodies.
Oh, and I supplemented that with a gallon or two of milk from CVS, using ExtraBucks.
Since we didn't buy any fresh fruit, veggies or eggs last week, we're sorely due for a trip to Trader Joe's. Maybe tomorrow.


Michele Renee said...

Your comment about the $9 beer coup cracked me up. I don't trust my husband either. I almost went ballistic on Mother's Day when I could not find the coffee he bought (with a coupon, yeah!) but we figured it got left behind. I just found it in the freezer in a bag of Minute Maid limeades. Now I don't even like him unloading the stuff at home.

Carrie said...

Leaving the groceries sitting at the store (or on the bottomo of the cart in the parking lot) is actually something _I_ would do. And "losing" it in the freezer too. I try, but with 2 kids taking up most of my bandwidth + placenta brain, I just can't always be at the top of my game. Just wait till I have 3 -- maybe I'll have to succomb to the siren song of Peapod for a few months.
I did grab a six pack of high-end beer for the hubs today for $4.99, so hopefully that will keep him from shopping for himself for the rest of the week.