Sunday, May 24, 2009

CVS Picketed for Carrying Expired Goods

I just checked out my local CVS, and they are still stocked on most of the Memorial Day freebies and near-freebies. I opted against trying to use my $5/$30s because I didn't have enough ECBs. Instead I got only a couple boxes Band-Aids and a Clearasil face wash and made $1.
And speaking of CVS, a local one was picketed this week for carrying expired goods. The group found expired stuff in 32 out of the 55 Chicago-area stores they checked.
I'm shocked. I would have predicted they'd find expired products in 100 percent of Chicago-area stores. I know my CVS ALWAYS has expired food on the shelves. Sometimes I buy it anyway, especially if it's a moneymaker.


Annie's Antics :-) said...

Haha! I'd have to say I'm shocked, too ;-)

I also buy it if it's a money-maker. Why not!? haha!

Laura said...

Yup, my CVS LOVES to carry expired products...not just food either! Ick!