Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CVS Neutrogena Deal?

Money Saving Mom reported a moneymaker on Neutrogena sun block at CVS this week, but I couldn't find any of the little $1.99 tubes you'd need to make it work. Anyone else have luck?
I did scoop up a few of the two-day freebie items Sunday and Monday -- band-aids, tampons and Clearasil, but Clearasil was the ONLY item that actually made me an extra ExtraBuck. Seems like they are cutting down on such opportunities by making sure things are only free IF you have a coupon. Too bad.


Annie's Antics :-) said...

I didn't find any of these little bottles either. I went to 3 different stores in my area (far southwest side of city). Bummer!

Also, I went to CVS last night for the Clearasil and they were cleaned out. I totally forgot to get a rain check. When I went in there this morning, the shelf was FULL of the face wash!! WTH! I KNOW they don't get their truck till Thurs so where was all this Clearasil hiding!? Posers!

TaliasToys said...

They were in the trial size section at my CVS this evening....and it worked!!! This was my first time CVSing, so I was still OOP, but got more ECB back than I spent OOP, so I am still ahead of the game!!!

Carrie said...

Talia -- That's a great transaction to get you started with a stash of ECBs! And you've motivated me to stop by my other area CVSes to check. I did check the travel section of my neighborhood store, but no dice.

Laura said...

I've checked the 3 CVS stores by me and none of them have them. When I asked, they confirmed they've never seen them. I've read about a LOT of people who can't find these, so, if you do, count yourself VERY lucky!Yes, I'm a wee bit jealous! :)