Thursday, May 21, 2009

CVS Coupons on UPDATED

This week in my Thursday CVS e-mail, instead of getting three or four store coupons to print, I got this link to FIVE PAGES of CVS product coupons. Nice!
UPDATED: Actually, this is not nice at all. They are manufacturer's coupons that would have been available on ANYWAY. So instead of giving me store coupons like they usually do they are essentially giving me nothing.
The distinction is important because I want CVS store coupons that can be used WITH manufacturer's coupons.
In other CVS news, I spotted a $3/$15 CRT coupon yesterday. It was on someone else's receipt, lying on the grass, so alas I can't use it. But if I get a chance to get into CVS, I'll be hoping for one of those out of the machine. So much easier to use than the $5/$30 I currently have.
I hate it when people throw out good coupons, don't you? Or throw them on the ground -- that's even worse! OK, well I love it when they leave good coupons lying around that I can use, like the $2 Catalina I found at Dominick's last week. I hate it when they litter with coupons I CAN'T use because they are coded for the receipient's card only.


Rebecca said...

When you go to as well, they give you a link that says "in store coupons" or something to that effect - and it's the same thing, coupons from Must be a new partnership they are doing with the stores. I was bummed, too!

Helen said...

Sometimes it is beneficial such as with the Kraft coupon bounty the other week. People were finding they could print from and still go to individual store websites and print the same coupons again!

Annie's Antics :-) said...

I hear you! I was behind a lady the other day who got her receipt w/ a $5/25 Q and she rolled her eyes and said, "This is such a scam to get me to spend more money - I get these every time I come here!" I wanted to ask her if we can trade cards because I always get the $10/50 and it's so daunting trying to use them (esp on slow weeks!) but I didn't have the nerve to ask ;-)

Actually, it's been a couple wks since I've gotten a 10/50. I used to get them every time I scanned my card - I wonder if CVS is scaling back??