Saturday, May 2, 2009

CVS Adidas Moneymaker -- Spend a Quarter, Get $3!

My CVS has some of their tags out for next week already, and I just couldn't wait to see if those Adidas deodorants that are on clearance for $1.25 would produce 3ECBs. (All Adidas products are supposed to be paying 3ECBs starting tomorrow, limit 3).
Yep, they do! I used a $1/1 coupon from the 4/5 RedPlum, so I paid a quarter plus a few cents tax and got the 3ECBs. When I walked back over to the shelf to get a couple more, the cashier walked over there with me, read the tag, and then quickly put aside a couple behind the counter (I guess for herself to buy).
So I spent a dollar to get 9ECBs total. Oh, and 3 deodorants that smell like a combination between Old Spice and Dial soap. Into the donation bin.
The deodorants on clearance are only the ones that say, "Intensive." My store had them labeled $1.25, but even if yours doesn't, try ringing them up at the scanner and see -- they're probably marked down. (I'm guessing Adidas' marketing department figured out that people don't like to think of themselves as someone who needs "intensive care" in the odor department.)
I don't have any more Qs, and I maxed out the limit of 3 on my mother's CVS card tonight. But I am still going right back in the morning in hopes of buying the five remaining units left on the shelf. The cashier I had tonight wasn't the friendliest, and so I felt too self-conscious to do two more transactions on two different cards right then.


Suzanne Lee said...

if the cashier in the front isn't nice.. go to the pharmacy to get rung out.. and be really nice, and say there is a super long line.
(i'm a CVS pharmacist)

Anonymous said...

You're only supposed to have 1 CVS card - getting multiple cards from other people is pretty shady to say the least. You know if you just got the 3 deodorants you are "legally" allowed to on your card, you would still make ECB's and you would leave some for other paying customers. Its people like you who ruin the deals for everyone else, because you're so selfish.

Anonymous said...

ur just jealous. she said she put 3 in the donation bin.

Anonymous said...

I believe you are allowed to have more then one card per household. It doesn't matter as she said it was on her mom's card but I think I even saw on CVS' website an advertisement to get a card for everyone in the family.

However, I do wish people would try to limit themselves a little bit. I donate things often too but it doesn't mean I need to snatch them all up because I'm making a few bucks. Share the joy with fellow CVSers! It's so frustrating that all I collect at CVS is rainchecks because by the time I am able to go on Monday everything is gone for the week :( And of course if it's clearanced there won't be anymore coming in. Just my 2 cents from the "other" side.

I do appreciate your blog and all those who find deals for me out there! Thanks.

Carrie said...

Oh, believe me, there are plenty of times when all the freebies are gone before I get there too. My biggest disappointment was the recent offer on SoyJoy bars -- I had the coupons, I saw plenty in my store, and I procrastinated -- then next thing I knew they were all gone from EVERY store. But I wouldn't fault others for scooping them up before I got them -- we're not exactly talking about water rights here.

I will usually buy as many items as I need to complete the transaction on one card, then try another card on a separate visit if there are any left. Mainly because I don't want to become a pest to the staff with multiple transactions.

This time around, by the way other folks DID get a chance to scoop up the clearance deodorants. I bought 3 last night, and by the time I went back around noon today, there were only 3 more left, which I bought. There had originally been 10, so 4 of them were bought by other people.

And yes, I wanted to get them because I am greedy and wanted to generate some ExtraBucks. But others benefit from it too; like someone pointed out, I'm giving all the deodorants to charity along with tons and other food and toiletries I get thru deal hunting. I also tipped off hundreds of people to the hidden deal through this Web site and MoneySavingMom's, by the way.

Let's just say, I sleep fine at night. As for using multiple cards, two family members have happily given me their spare keyfobs so I can shop for them. I have been able to provide my parents, grandparents and husband with hundreds of dollars worth of their favorite products, so why WOULDN'T they rather have me do their CVSing for them? They also give me their Sunday coupon inserts for the same reason.