Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Billshrink, Me and My Adorable Kids

Awhile ago, a company called BillShrink contacted me to see if I might like to try their free service and then be interviewed by a local TV station about it. This is because I am a huge, pulsating star streaking across the sky, making the Earth's sun appear dim. I'm sort of like Brangelina, but less obscure.
Oh yes. I am also like Oprah, but with more incentive to be frugal.
But enough about me, until I get to the part where I show a video of me. BillShrink is actually pretty cool. The site helps people figure out if they're getting a good deal on cell phone service, gas, and credit card rewards programs.
Personally, being a frugal person, I am sort of haunted by the idea that I am NOT REALLY getting a good deal even when I think I am. But of course, hunting around for a better deal takes time and TIME IS MONEY. Especially for those of us who work from home in the two hours between when our toddler falls alseep and it's time to pick up our preschooler.
The site works by asking you a series of easy questions, and then you can even import your bill information right from you cell phone carrier. Doing this, BillShrink was able to quickly analyze how many minutes a week Epu and I use on our family plan, how many of those are anytime minutes, etc., etc.
Then it spit out advice: Stay with your current plan. That was great for me to hear because Epu's contract was up, his phone was acting dodgy (then again his phones NEVER seem to be working), and I was feeling like we should really look into to some kind of pay-as-you-go plan to save money. But BillShrink said we'd pay more going that route, so we just re-upped his Cingular contract.
The company says it's totally independent from the providers it lists. I am no longer getting paid to be a reporter, so I just don't have the time to deeply investigate that claim. But since there is no obligation, it seems worth checking the site out.
(And speaking of total independence, BillShrink isn't paying me to pitch their site. I was honestly impressed by it. I did the tv spot, of course, with the hopes of publicizing my blog, but in the end the reporter was not able to include any of the parts where I went on at length about the greatness of WiseBread.com or Shoplifting With Permission.)
Now for the vanity part. Here's the news piece that resulted in my personal consultation with BillShink, at my house. Warning: You will be shocked by a) How huge I look in that purple dress, and b) How blindingly adorable my daughters are. You may want to sit down while viewing.