Thursday, April 30, 2009

What We Ate on That 4/29-5/5

Looking at our eating for the week, I can see why I didn't need to spend more than $48 on groceries -- we ate out for three lunches and a dinner! Something I need to work on: When I take the girls grocery shopping in the morning, I sometimes go too late and end up stopping at a drive-through to make sure Nutmeg gets lunch before her school starts at 12:15. Sort of negates the time I spent getting healthy food at bargain prices, no?

lunch: fast food
scrambled eggs with cream cheese and green beans, fried potatoes
breakfast: yogurt and cereal
lunch: fast food again! for the girls, leftover chili and brown rice for me
dinner: hamburger pie + pears and muffins
snack: muffins
dinner: ready-made lasagna from Dominick's clearance bin (expired that day, $2), + leftovers
ice cream and muffins
breakfast: muffins, bagels with cream cheese
lunch: salad, yogurt with peanut butter
dinner: nachoes with ground turkey, canned pinto beans, yogurt, cheese, salsa and greens
lunch: cheese sticks, leftovers, macaroni and cheese with cut-up hot dogs
dinner: out to a neighborhood restaurant!
lunch: hot dogs, apples
dinner: nutty noodles with carrots (came out bad because i forgot to put in some vinegar to substitute for lemon juice, which i almost never have. as long as you add SOMETHING sour, this dish is good)
breakfast: cereal
lunch: Subway (on the road to vacation), Epu brought leftover chili
dinner: Progresso soup and pizza in vacation condo