Thursday, April 9, 2009

What Should I Spend My Swag Bucks On?

I haven't done our taxes yet, I owe two freelance articles to a newspaper and a hotel review to a Web site, I am up against the wire to get the invites out for our daughter's fifth birthday party, I haven't done the kids' Easter baskets yet, and I should REALLY start getting quotes on our bathroom remodel before our dining room ceiling caves in from spilled bathwater.
So naturally, what's occupying my mind at the moment is how to spend my 359 SwagBucks. When I joined this pay-for-search service in November, I had dreams of saving up for an XBox 360 to give my husband for his June birthday.
But that's nearly 3,000 SwagBucks, almost 10 times what I actually have. From that perspective, it doesn't seem like I've earned much in five months using the service.
On the other hand, I could redeem them right now for about $40 in Amazon gift cards, which is not exactly chump change, considering that I didn't DO anything to earn those SwagBucks. Once you sign up, you just do your Google searches through the Swag Bucks toolbar and that's IT. What's more, 2/3 of my SwagBucks came through just a few of you readers signing up through me. (Thanks, readers!)
The responsible thing to do would be to keep those SwagBucks growing until Christmastime and then cash them in for a gift or for Amazon gift certificates to buy gifts. That would be smart.
But you know what I'd really like to do?
Once I get just a few more SwagBucks, I could trade them in for three $10 Starbucks cards. Since I LOVE me some lattes but rarely allow myself that kind of luxury, it would be a nice treat for myself. The gift of being allowed to splurge.
What do you think I should do? Be good or have some delicious iced coffee drinks this summer?


Queen said...

i am a sucker for starbucks and ocassionally save up survey points to get a gift card......mmm iced mocha latte goodness. you know my vote :)

Becky said...

Little luxuries will make the other frugal stuff easier to do. Take the lattes!

Carrie said...

I love you enablers. Thanks!

Laura said...

One cannot turn down a Starbux..... choose wisely! :)