Monday, April 13, 2009

Was My $50 Easter Frugal?

In the past year, I've tried to apply my frugalosity to an area where I have historically overspent: the kids birthdays and holidays. So how did I do with Easter today?
Well, the girls' outfits were free to me. Nutmeg's Ralph Lauren dress was from the bag sale portion of last year's consignment sale; I've been saving it and waiting for this day for a whole year.

Her shoes were also from a past consignment sale, and the headband she's wearing, while a splurge at $5 at Janie and Jack, was party of her Easter basket. Pebbles' grandma made her adorable dress, so while it certainly wasn't free to her, I at least didn't pay for it:

Her shoes were inherited from her sister (who wore them in a wedding), and the hair bows that had already fallen out of her head by this point came from Freecycle.

I wasn't as frugal when it came to filling those Easter baskets. We use the same baskets every year, and they are quite small, which does help keep the cost down. Yet I somehow managed to spend about $45 filling them. First there was the raffia grass from Pier 1 -- I really like their baskets to be pretty and I hate that plastic grass which I had gotten free from CVS. I had tucked away a small book for each basket from a post-holiday sale last year, so that part was frugal.

I spent about $30 at CVS on candy, trinkets and some hair bands for Nutmeg, but at least more than $20 of that came from gift cards from transferring scrips. I was truly surprised that the candy rang up to so much; but I did spring for some of the nicer Lindt stuff because again -- pretty. And at least it was all marked down 20% or more because it was the day before Easter.

Then $6 at Gymboree on some marked-down barrettes (four sets), $5 for that headband at Janie and Jack, $5 at Aldi on a little Sleeping Beauty doll set, and a buck at a rummage sale for a bunch of Sesame Street figures.

I can comfort myself for this splurge by remembering that much of Nutmeg's loot was stuff to control her hair, which I needed to buy her anyway. She wants to grow it long (peer pressure, I think), and we only had a few hair bands and barrettes in the house.

We are really fortunate that our parents provided two wonderful holiday meals, and all I had to spend on holiday food was about $2 for some holiday cupcake liners and a few groceries to make carrot cupcakes.

Oh, and by the way, at that same rummage sale, I scored some white patent leather shoes sized right for Pebbles NEXT Easter. 25 cents. And I hope to score some clearance basket fillers at CVS later this week if they go to 90% off. Next year I'll do better!