Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stroller Sale and Coupon Code

I am hard at work on a freelance story today (I even took the kids 90 minutes away to the grandparents' overnight so I could concentrate). But I just had to take a break to share this from Mommies With Style: $15 off any order of $80 or more at Let's Go Strolling, plus they're having a big sale.
I don't know about you, but we have a lot of strollers and (with the exception of the awesome used double jogger I just picked up for $20) hate them all. Hate the Joovy Caboose because it's so heavy and it's also broken, which made our SF trip that much more difficult. Hate the Graco that's made up to look like a Maclarent because it doesn't steer well, I can't collapse it and it has a tiny basket. Hate the Graco MetroLite because it's broken, and, although it's really perfect in basket size, weight, cup holder, etc., it's really not stylish. Hate the umbrella stroller cause it's an umbrella stroller. Hate the single jogger because it lists HARD to the left making me unable to push it.
Oh my God, I really have that many strollers? Obviously, I need to go on Let's Go Strolling to find the one perfect one that will replace at least 3 of these, before the new baby gets here. No?