Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stockpiling Gifts

Something I have started doing in the past year is stockpiling gifts, and this has had a dramatic effect on the amount of money we need to spend on holidays and birthdays. It has also allowed me to give gifts that are a lot NICER than I might have ordinarily afforded. For example, in the past I might have bought outfits or toys at Target for the children whose birthdays we attend; now that I watch online to hear about good sales, I can get higher-end stuff for less than I would have paid at Target. When Amazon or another store has a great sale, I'll buy a bunch of items to store away either for a specific recipient or for whatever birthday/baby shower/etc. comes up next.
Here is a pile of gifts I bought in the past week. I spent a total of about $70 including tax:

The two outfits are from The Children's Place, which has slashed its sale items down to 40% on the Web site (use code SA249 for an additional 15% off, sez Mir at Wantnot.net) and 50% in store. The one with the short skirt cost about $7, the one with the leggins cost $11.50. Those are for specific birthdays coming up this summer. The Robeez, which cost $50 for all of them on Amazon, are for the next four girl baby showers I attend. Yes, my friends are breeders. I'll use 'em -- and if the baby flow peters out, I'll donate at Christmastime.