Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shopping April 7-14 -- Accidentally Spent More Than $1 on Cereal

I actually didn't spend my whole budget this week, more due to lack of time and being out of town for more than two days than out of self restraint. I spent $63.
I had two Jewel trips, one at $28 and another at $35. The first trip I talked about on Chicago Tonight -- I got 4 pounds of bacon, 3 cream cheese and 4 Triscuits all for less than $18, some healthy pasta for a quarter, and some asparagus and broccoli.
The other trip, I totally messed up. I thought I was doing the Kellogg's promotion, and it would have worked beautifully, getting me 7 big boxes of Kellogg's cereal for about $12 PLUS three gallons of free milk (coupons off milk worth just over $12). However, I failed to notice that the promotion ended ONE DAY before I hit the store. Sigh. So I broke my rule -- the rule I proclaimed to the world ON TV -- and spent more than $1 on cereal. I spent $1.71 a box. But on the bright side, these boxes were about twice as big as the 8-10-oz. boxes I usually would spend as much as a dollar on, so in that sense it's not a bad deal. Still, I wish I had those free milk Qs.
What did we eat on our $63?
Wed: potato/cabbage/sausage casserole out of freezer
Thurs: rice and bean soup
Friday: fed fish fry by Epu's mom
Saturday: fed by Epu's mom
Sunday: overfed by our moms
Monday: Easter ham bone split pea soup, homemade bread
Tuesday: quiche with Easter ham and asparagus, leftover split pea soup, leftover homemade bread