Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shopping April 1-7: Woodman's Rocks

This week I was able to do some great restocking, after being out of town, by stopping at Kenosha's Woodman's after picking up my girls at their grandparents' house Friday. You know, this week the Queen of the Urban Jungle wrote a post about shopping while away from home, wherein she went to a conference for work and ended up scoring all kinds of deals on super doubles at a KMart. It may seem crazy to bring home groceries from a business trip, but I do advocate taking advantage of road trips to hit up a store you normally don't get to. For the longest time I have been meaning to get into a Kroger while outside my own neighborhood to see if they have $1 four-packs of Cottonelle on which I could use my .75/1 blinkies.
I love Woodman's in Kenosha, especially for organic produce. I spent $65 there, and my favorite deals included 10 pounds of whole wheat flour for $4.38, 32 oz. of free range, organic chicken broth for $2.50, French's Fried Onions for $2.49 (minus my .50/1 coupons), Yoplait Yo Plus at $2.09 (minus my expired $1/1 Qs). Oh, and that organic produce? 1 lb. organic celery for $1.79, 2 lbs. organic carrots for $1.69, 16 oz. organic grape tomatoes for $1.50, and 3 lbs. little organic gala apples for $2.50.
Their organic prices are about the same as Trader Joe's, but after eating it this week I have to say the stuff we get at Woodman's is MUCH tastier than the TJs produce. The apples especially are delicious, while TJs apples and pears are very bland. Most of the Woodman's organic stuff is the brand Goodness Greenness.
The only other shopping I did this week was a trip to Jewel to do the Post deal, which cost me a buck or less with tax to get four boxes Post Select and a box of Honeycomb, and another trip to get 5 lbs. of cornmeal on sale for $2.
Epu also shopped for some lunch supplies for himself, which put us about $1 over our $78 budget. Oh well, it's a LOT better than if he had gone out and bought himself lunch at restaurants around his office.

$65 at Woodman's
$3 at Jewel
$11 at Dominick's

What did we eat on our $79?
Wed: I was at my parents' house
Thurs: wild-caught salmon with rice and frozen broccoli, and went out for ice cream for dessert
Fri: free frozen pizza with organic salads
Sat: lunch: salmon over salad, dinner: ham and cheese and pb&j sandwiches, yogurt, peanut butter cookies (picnic dinner at a downtown hotel I was reviewing)
Sun: lunch: salmon over salad, dinner: vegetable chili with cheesy corn dumplings
Mon: lunch: took kids out for corn dogs after doctor's appointmetn, dinner: chicken, potato and tomato stew with celery and carrots
Tues: lunch: pb&j, dinner: black bean and barley soup with carrots in chicken and V8 broth, cheese toast


kafein said...

We always stop at Woodman's when we're up there - for the good deals and the New Glarus beer. The cheese aisle alone - brings a girl to tears. It's 50 miles each way from our house - but if we add in a visit to family, strawberry picking, or a stop at the Stride Rite Outlet - it's a worhtwhile trip on it's own.