Thursday, April 30, 2009

Remember: After Today, No More Expired Coupons at Jewel

If you have any high-value expired coupons around, today would be the day to bring them over to Jewel. The chain has announced that starting tomorrow, they won't accept them.
One commenter just asked if Dominick's will still be accepting expireds. Well, my Dom's has turned me down in the past if I inadvertently (or accidentally on purpose) handed them an expired Q. But some commenters on the above FatWallet link say that Dominick's is still accepting expireds for now, so if your location takes them, enjoy.
Speaking of which, we had a good trip to Dominick's this morning, and I'll post a pic of my $48 haul at the end of the week. I didn't use any MQs, just the $5/$50. One bargain that I didn't see in the flyer: Batter Blaster cans (which are organic) for pancakes or waffles are on sale for $4. My 5-year-old has been pestering me to get these for months, and since htey're usually almost $6 I always say no. So today she's happy and since we are spending a few days in a condo at the Wisconsin Dells next week it will be a good packable vacation breakfast.


Amanda said...

I've never had Dominick's give me a problem about expired coupons. Or expired internet coupons, for that matter. (Dominick's in Westchester, Oswego and Batavia).

Because of this no expired coupon nonsense from Jewel, Dominick's will now get the bulk of my business.

amt77 said...

R.I.P. Expired coupons at Jewel. It was a sweet deal for a long time. They would even take my expireds at the service desk with my receipt when I had missed using some. It came full circle for me though, when the checker who had been the one to tip me off on the fact that they DID accept expired coupons 10 years ago, was at that Service desk this week when I wanted to cash in some I had missed on my previous trip. She chided me because my coupons were so VERY expired (2005???) And that the store doesn't get paid on them. I had never heard anything about degrees of expiredness 6 months vs. 2,3,4 years... to me expired is expired - but she took them! I learned more about expired coupons from this one checker in 2 conversations over 10 years, than anyone else, so who's to blame?
I'm torn between trashing the whole mess or trying to go to Dominicks again. I heard Ultra might still take them too, neither of these are as close to me as the Jewel, so I am still wondering if I am not being penny-wise but pound-foolish?