Thursday, April 23, 2009

Recessional Survival Tips All Week in the Tribune

All week the Chicago Tribune is writing about fun recession survival tactics. Here are the offerings so far:
Outings for $10 or less per person (One of the tips is Lincoln Square Lanes, a bowling alley above a hardware store in our old neighborhood. This is not a family-friendly tip, but all the same, you might want to know that this place serves EXTREMELY strong cocktails. Order just one, ask for soda top-offs throughout the evening, and you'll be bowling and buzzed for just a few bucks!)
A week of free fun with kids
Cheap steaks at chain restaurants
Cheap cuts of meat at the grocery store (no mention of tongue, the meat that Mrs. Quimby tried to feed her kids during tough times in "RAMONA THE BRAVE." Remember that one? The kids loved it until they noticed all the little bumps on the meat. Eeew! I'd SO rather have vegetables than eat something's tongue.)