Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Earth Day Deals

This morning Nutmeg followed us around the house turning off lights and computers, which was pretty annoying. "But it's Earth Day!" she told us when we asked her to cut it out.
Stupid hippie nursery school.
(Just kidding. I love her nursery school. I love the Earth. But I also love my laptop when I'm trying to type up the weekly grocery deals.)
Anyhoo, here's a Yahoo story listing more deals available for Earth Day this week. My favorite tip in there: Go to the Go Organic for Earth Day site to find out if a grocery store near you is giving out $12 organic coupon booklets. Sounds like they are at mainly Krogers -- the Pick N Save in Kenosha was one of the closest to me.
More Earth Day deals:

And a few earth-friendly coupons that are just out there:
$2/1 Seventh Generation baby product when you enter your email address
Mambo Sprouts
Organic Valley coupons


Kori said...

Loved "The Onion" deal---scored some great gifts and a spent almost exactly $30 bucks, so I didn't waste a bit of savings. Thanks for the tip!

Bert said...

Thanks for the tips! I'll use a lot of those coupons!