Monday, April 6, 2009

I'll Trade You Babies. Just Kidding, How About Baby Stuff Though?

Today in the doctor's office I picked up an issue of Real Simple Family and they listed some swap sites, some specifically for baby stuff. I can't find the article online, but here is a blog post that lists sites where you can trade stuff for the cost of shipping and/or a small fee:

And here are some of those sites: (I was a little wary of this one, because I was afraid it was like the show Wife Swap. But it doesn't mention actually swapping BABIES on the site, so I guess it's ok.
Zwaggle (has a baby gear section)
Freepeats (where you don't actually trade your baby stuff, just give and take)
SwapMamas (I love that they have a maternity category)
PaperbackSwap is of course famous
If you live near a large organized swap like this maternity one, you are lucky!
Then there's the do-it-yourself swap. Fellow Chicago Mom Blogger Alma recently hosted a women's clothing swap that sounds like a lot of fun. Here are instructions for hosting your own. And here are instructions for hosting a kid's book swap, which would be a fun way to kick off the summer, no?