Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Love When New CVS Freebies Pop Up Midweek -- THIS WORKS

Money Saving Mom just posted deals for a 3M hooks moneymaker and free Zooth toothbrushes. I'm dubious that my location will have these nice-looking metal hooks, but if they do I'm all over it because it's a way to generate ECBs with $0 out of pocket and, as I mentioned before, I'm out of ECBs on my husband and mom's accounts.
Also, although CVS has a lot of free toothbrush deals, not as much with the kiddie toothbrushes.
Will try to get in there this afternoon and report back.
UPDATE: Just got back. The Zooth worked great, even tho it is not tagged as an Oral-B product. And there was clearly a display area for the $2.50 metal hook -- unfortunately someone got to my location first and cleaned them out.


Rachel said...

You’ve been tagged! Visit http://www.mashupmom.com/?p=3819 and then share a story on your site about your early days of couponing! :)