Monday, April 20, 2009

Hot Off the Money Saving Mom: Trail Mix Crunch Moneymaker

The sun is starting to peek out from behind the clouds in the Western Chicago suburbs, and my mood level just made a little hop, because I learned about a hidden Walgreen's moneymaker on Trail Mix Crunch cereal.
Apparently if you buy five boxes at $2.50 each, you MAY get a $5 Register Reward. The best part is that if you have enough coupons, the cereal will cost you very little even if the RR doesn't print out. There were $2/1 Qs available here but I'm now getting a message that the campaign prints have all been used up.
I have 3 of the printables and two $1/1 Qs from the 4/5 SmartSource. So I should pay $4.50 and get 5RR back. This will be a good way for me to dispose of the 2RRs I picked up last week for buying Scunci hair bands.
This whole development cheers me even tho this cereal is just ok -- it's Grape Nuts plus some dried fruit -- because it reminds me that if you miss a certain promotion at one store, it's likely to pop up again soon somewhere else. Last week and the week before I was disappointed to see that Trail Mix Crunch isn't offered at any of my local Jewels, because I wanted to use these hot Qs on the Catalina deal on offer there. Now I'll be able to use them on an even better deal.


Terri said...

Just curious...have you found this cereal yet? I'm in the western burbs as well and haven't seen it anywhere. Last time I saw it was at CVS about 2 months ago and they don't even have it anymore. We liked it....and the price. Do you think you could post what Walgreens you find it at (if you do)? Thanks.