Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Grocery Deals -- 4/8-4/14 Pan's Quality Food Center

Pan's is a CertiSaver store, so you might find some (but not all) of the same deals at Fair Share Foods or Super Tony's.
ham portion 89 cents/lb., ham butt $1.19/lb.
4 lbs. CEntrella sugar $1.79/4 lbs.
Breyer's ice cream $3.29/48 oz. Use .75/1 Q from 4/5 Unilever insert
asparagus $1.99/lb.
mushrooms $1.50/8 oz.
There's a manufacturer's coupon on p. 3, buy 2 bags Maltomeal cereal, get 1 free. Looks like they are $1.99 so that's 3 bags for $4.
Dannon yogurt cups 50 cents
Pan's is also advertising a 15% discount for seniors on Wed. Hmm, I need to latch onto a senior in the store and offer to push her cart if we can split the discount, eh? Too bad my kids seem to be especially irritating to senior citizens.