Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Grocery Deals -- 4/30-5/6 DOMINICK'S/SAFEWAY

I feel the need to share that I am typing with my feet elevated on the couch to save my body some of the wear and tear it seems to experience every day now that I'm 7 months pregnant. The result of working on the couch? Extreme drowsiness, despite having consumed an ice tea AND half a Coke at McDonald's with the kids at lunchtime. So please bear with me if I doze of and type kzzejklasw;elur.
Also, should I be proud that my 2-year-old can identify and pronounce not just CVS but also McDonald's? And we don't go often, honest!
OK, on with the deals:
Lucerne milk, $1.69/gallon, limit 2
Kellogg's Raisin Bran, 20 oz. or Quaker Life, 15 oz. $1.99 (Use $1/1 printable to get for $ each or $1.50/2 printable to get two RB for $2.50)
mangos 50 cents
Jennie-O Turkey Meatballs, 12 oz., bogo @ $5.99
Perdue ground turkey, 16 oz., bogo @ $3.49
Lucerne shredded or chunk cheese, 2 lbs., $5.99
organic strawberries, 16 oz., $3.99 (If you have TJs, their regular price is $3)
pineapple $2.99
cucumber 50 cents
Mission tortilla chips $1.88
Scrubbing Bubbles, 22 oz., $1.79
A few of the items going on sale this week: Orville Redenbacher micro popcorn 3-ct, bogo @ $3.39
Athenos Hummus, 7 oz. $2.50
A full list of the 3,000 participating items can be downloaded from
Note -- since I have a $5/$50 Dominic's Q that came in the mail, I'm thinking of putting together a $50 Dominick's list that includes the deal this week. One bummer I just noticed is that the Q says "excludes fluid milk." Then again, seems like I have used one of these before and it worked even though my total accidentally slipped below $50. Also, the Q says it excludes "Fresh Values card savings." Huh? Does that mean it excludes anyting on sale? Or that the $50 goes by the shelf price not the card price? Or maybe they just write a bunch of stuff on there and they don't even know what it means themselves. Ya think?
Coupon matchups from Hot Coupon World.


Helen said...

I accidentally dropped below $50 (an item rang up cheaper than shelf said) and it still worked. Note most of them also say after all sale prices and ALL coupons. but they always work!