Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Grocery Deals 4/2-4/9 JEWEL/SHAW'S/ALBERTSON'S

Seems like this flyer is MADE of Catalina offers. They are really getting into those over at Jewel.
tomatoes on the vine $1.48/lb.
Healthy Choice dinners $1.97
bogo meats: Jewel Steakhouse choice bottom round or sirloin tip steak or roast, or top loin pork roast
Jewel milk $2.28/gallon
Wild Harvest organic braeburn applies 3 lbs. for $1.99
Wild Harvest organic russet potatoes $3.99 for 5-lb. bag (I have had these potatoes go really foul on me quickly, so you might want to give them a good sniff and/or use them quickly after purchase. If you have a Trader Joe's they have fresher ones for the same price.)
BelGioioso Ricotta cheese 16 oz. $2.79
Philadelphia cream cheese, 8 oz. $1
Daisy Sour Cream, 16 oz. $1.67
Kraft salad dressing $1.67
Use $1.50/1 from 3/29 SmartSource to get it for 17 cents! (Is that Q for real? I didn't get it but it's listed on Hot Coupon World)
Breyer's Pure Fruit bars, 10-12 ct. bogo @ $4.35

Beer rebate deal: get 24 cans of Bud for $4.99 after an $8 mail-in rebate. That's some cheap brewskies! Flyer says "See store for full details."
Catalina deals:
(Still?) POST CEREAL (not listed in flyer but mentioned online as running 3/27-4/19): Buy 5 or more, get $5 off your next order
I think the sale price ended today, not sure what they are selling for this week.
Use $1/2 from 3/29 SmartSource
Kellogg's free milk deal still going on thru 4/12, altho price not as good as before:
15.3-20-oz. box for $2, buy 7 boxes get 3 free gallons any milk.
If you have the .70/1 Q from ? Sunday insert, you could get 7 boxes and 3 gallons milk for $9.10 -- still not bad.

Buy $15 worth, get $5 oyno (off your next order)
Glad Value Pack Trash Bags, 20-80 ct. $6.99 (regular $8.99)
Clorox wipes 35-ct. $3 (regular $3.40)
Pine-Sol All Purpose (48 oz.) or Clorox Cleaner (30-32 oz.) $3 (regular $4.45)
Scott 12 regular rolls or Viva 6 big rolls paper towels, $9.99 ($12.99)
Use $1/1 Scott printable or $1/1 from 3/29 SmartSource
Kleenex family size, 180-280-ct. $2.50 ($3.15)
According to a preliminary report on Hot Coupon World, it looks like this is working off shelf prices, not card prices. As always, be aware that it may not ring up at the register at the prices listed above. If your store has a price scanner, it's a good idea to verify prices before checking out. From the info here, I'd get one Scott paper towels and one box of Kleenex, use the $1/1 Q to get them both for $11.50, or $6.50 after the Catalina.

Spend $10, save $3 instantly
College Inn broth, 14.5 oz. 75 cents (regular price $1.15)
Del Monte canned fruit, 14.5-16 oz., $1.25 (regular price $2.25)
Del Monte canned veg, 11-15.25 oz. 75 cents (regular price $1.45)
I don't know if this will work off card price or regular price. Apparently there were some printables out for .75/1 College Inn, which would make them free and make the deal a moneymaker if you had enough of them. Too bad I don't -- I am out of broth!

Through 4/15: Spend $25 on Huggies or Pull-Ups, get a $5 oyno Cat + $3 off Culinary Circle coupon
Huggies Big Pack $19.99
Huggies wipes 320 or 360 ct. $9.99
Huggies Little Swimmers $7.99
Since this is in the Osco section, you can assume the deal is based off card prices.
Finally, Jewel is doing that "spend your tax refund on gift cards" thing again, offering an extra $20 on the card if you buy a $250 card or an extra $30 for a $300 card. Obviously, this is free money and a great deal. Unless you are me. Last year I bought two of the $300 cards and LOST ONE with over $200 left on it. And Jewel said they could not do anything about it.
Coupon matchups from Hot Coupon World.


Helen said...

Some blogs and HCW are talking about Jewel stopping accepting expired coupons May 1st. Any official word? I left a message with a friend who still works at Jewel to see if she has heard anything. That would seriously cut down on my shopping there!!!

There is supposed to be $1/1 10oz+ Kellogg's this week, I will be buying extra papers as there is that and more that is useful to me.

Carrie said...


My local Jewel has never accepted expired Qs from me so I didn't pay too much attention to that discussion. I don't know. But if anyone else has been regularly using expireds and now gets turned down at Jewel, please let us know here.

Helen said...


It's official. No more after May 1st. Too bad your store never accepts them. It's wonderful for all of these Catalina deals. Oh well. I guess I'll still try and use them at self-check for a bit, until they really crack down. I'll probably just switch to Dominicks and the independents :(