Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Groceries -- 4/22-4/28 Lame Catalina Attempts

Well, the ConAgra Catalina did not go so smoothly for me this week. I tried it four times, and had coupons successfully print on only two.
Not sure what went wrong the other times; maybe I was too liberal with my item choices because in one I took Marie Callender's pot pies instead of entrees, and in the other I included some diced tomatoes with celery and onions along with my regular diced. I'll be able to return the canned tomatoes, because I didn't use any coupons on that one. The other one I'll just have to eat and be grateful that the purchase included a coupon for free hot dogs from the nice folks at ConAgra. (Psst: Don't tell Michael Pollan or my husband I said that.)
Anyway, let's see -- I spent $20 on an initial Jewel run for Catalina items and other stuff, got the $10 in coupons, then spent that and five bucks on my second Catalina run and got nothing back. The third run I'll return, and then I spent $14 on 14 cans of tomatoes and got $10 back. So that makes $20 I spent at Jewel this week. For that I got seven bottles of ketchup, 2 packs hot dogs, 2 cans Manwich, 14 cans diced tomatoes and some Marie Callender's frozen dinners. And yeah, that's damn good, but it would have been half that if the Cat had printed.
I also spent about $25 at Trader Joe's, and $15 on a 12-pack of fancy beer at Woodman's to keep the hubs happy. And I spent a little money at Target on groceries too, I think. Gosh, what with the birthday party and all I was not very organized this week, but safe to say that I spent around my budget.
What we ate on that:
Wednesday: kids ate beef stew and homemade bread, Epu and I ate out
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: can't remember
Saturday: takeout pizza for bday party dinner
Sunday: pumpkin/cranberry muffins in car, then had a huge brunch for my grandma's birthday and merely snacked on hummus and crackers later
Monday: all-natural chicken from Super Target in slow cooker with celery, potatoes, carrots, and homemade pumpkin bread
Tuesday: chili made with leftover chicken and frozen black beans


eve said...

I did that Catalina five times, once for 14 snack pack puddings ($4 after the $10 cat). It's like entertainment for me.

I need to get out more.

Leah said...

I'm staring at 14 Snack Packs, 14 Hunts ketchups and 28 diced tomatoes in my storage pantry (and 15 packs of hotdogs) after a few successful Jewel shopping trips this week. I have taken to just buying enough of the same thing to do the catalina deals so I know that it wasn't one thing that messed up the whole order.