Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Granola Bars Under $2 a Box, Without Coupons

Personally, I can usually score granola bars for $1 a box or less by combining coupons with sales. But if you are short and time and don't bother with coupons, you can get Nature Valley Granola Bars for just under $2 on Amazon right now.
The deal is, spend $39, get $15 off at checkout, using the code NATURVLY. That brings it down to $24 for $12 boxes.
But I said UNDER $2 a box, didn't I? And since you are good at math, you know that $24 for 12 boxes is EXACTLY $2 a box.
The "under" part comes when you select "Subscribe and Save" for an extra 15% off. Don't worry, you can immediately cancel future shipments.
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