Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Good Week to Hit Target for the Hippie Meats and Such

It seems like Target doesn't advertise their grocery prices much, so when I hit a Super Target I'm never quite sure if there will be any good deals going (aside from coupon deals posted at Money Saving Mom).
Today I was pleasantly surprised to see that Laura's hormone-free ground beef was on sale for $3.99 a pound, and cage-free, everything-free chickens were on sale for I think $1.39/lb., which made a small whole bird less than $5. And they tend to mark down their meat that's about to expire, so I got some Laura's stew meat for $3.99/lb. too after the $2/1 sticker on it was scanned. Also organic, cage-free Archer Farms eggs are on sale for $2.99/dozen, and since I usually pay something like $2.69 for Spareboe cage-free I didn't mind paying the extra 30 cents for organic.
Their milk, which is hormone-free, is $1.99/gallon this week. And Yoplait Yo-Plus (not labeled hormone-free) is a Price Cut item -- it's now $2.09, which is great because with a couple $1/1 printables I was able to get two four-packs for $1.09 each.
Target's regular prices for organics are OK, but not as good as Trader Joe's. 99 cents for a pound of organic carrots (that were not very fresh, it turns out) versus 89 cents at TJs; $4.29 for three pounds of organic apples versus $3.99 at TJs.
Oh, and by the way, according to this location, the free reusable bags were given out Sunday only. And I also got a free cup of coffee at the Starbucks when I brought my own cup -- but according to a manager there, this deal is ONLY at in-Target locations.
When I checked out, I received a coupon for $5/$75 on groceries, expires May 31. Well... since I just stocked up on meat that won't be as useful as it otherwise would have.