Monday, April 13, 2009

Freecycle Still Helping Me Diaper My Kids for Free

It's an April Showers day, and just as I was sinking into a midday funk thinking about how much crap I have piled up to do -- nothing seems to decimate a house like walking in from a weekend of granparental spoiling with armloads of Easter Basket goodies, dirty clothes and that all-defeating whatnot -- I stopped by a house that had promised me some fleece scraps on Freecyle. I thought I could use them as diaper doublers to prevent diaper rash when using cloth, as someone had suggested here.
Scraps? Look at all this polar fleece! My mood was instantly uplifted thinking about all the high-end diapers my mother-in-law or husband can sew for the new baby from this stuff. Maybe even a couple baby blankets.
The photo also includes my other recent Freecycle bounty -- some pregnancy magazines, which I like to have on hand to study for freelance writing opportunities, and some little hair bows which Pebbles already wore on Easter.
It's about time for me to give back to the local Freecycle group, and I'm sure I can find a few things.
If you haven't checked out Freecycle in your area, I heartily suggest you do so. It's great for both giving and getting.