Sunday, April 19, 2009

Earth Day Freebies and Deals

Today I have seen references to Earth Week and Earth Month. Now, I have always liked Earth Day, but what is with this holiday inflation?
Actually, it's a good thing for penny pinchers, because there are a bunch of sales and freebies being associated with this so-called Earth Week and Earth Month. I was happily surprised when I stopped at Target this morning with this first one:

  • Target: Free cloth bag with purchase. Slick deals says this is today only but the cashier at Target told me all week.
  • Starbucks: Free cup of coffee if you bring your own cup or buy one there, all week. (The fact that I limit myself to two small cups of coffee per day while pregnant is all that is stopping me from hitting four different Starbucks a day for this one. Heh.)
  • Clorox Green Works products are on sale at a number of stores this week, including Target, Jewel and CVS, all for $2.50 or less a bottle. There are "buy 2, get 1" coupons in Jewel's supplementary Earth Day sale flyer, and they don't say Jewel on them. I also saw a similar coupon ON the product at Jewel. Using the Q, you should be able to get 3 bottles for $5 or (at Target) less. (I mentioned Jewel's Earth Day specials in my weekly grocery deals post.)
  • Amazon's page of Earth Day Savings includes $15 off $59 in organic groceries.
  • List of Earth Day freebies on


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