Friday, April 3, 2009

DTV, CVS, IOU Big Time

I just successfully applied for DTV coupons to replace the ones that expired. You can too, thanks to a change in the rules! Just go to this site.
In other cheapskate news, I heart the CVS cashier who let me use an expired 5ECBs to buy a DiGiornio pizza to go with tonight's viewing of "Sleeping Beauty."* She said not to tell anyone, so let me just assure you that this was NOT my regular CVS. She probably took pity on me because of the nonstop crying toddler in my cart. If only she had known that the same toddler cried for about 45 minutes while I shopped and waited (and WAITED) in line at the Kenosha Woodman's earlier today. Surely she would have issued me a few more ECBs or given me some free Wellbutrin from the pharmacy or something.
After being sick all week, poor Pebbles still has jet lag. She stayed awake in her crib for an hour at naptime, my dad reports, but then got so tired in Woodman's she _would_ _not_ _stop_ _crying_. I got a few sympathetic looks while in the long, long line, and, to my shock, some annoyed glares, but no one offered to let me go ahead of them.
Note to self: Next time I see mom with melting down child in grocery line, give her cuts.
*Thank God, "Sleeping Beauty" is now overdue @ the library, so this will be our last viewing.


Anonymous said...

I live a few miles from the Kenosha Woodman's. If I see a crying toddler I will let the family cut. Since I live so close, lately I have been going to woodman's in the evenings while dh puts dd to bed.


Leah said...

I'm with you on the videos being due back at the library. I couldn't get the stupid song from Leap Frog's The Letter Factory out of my head for a week!