Sunday, April 12, 2009

CVS Plan: Increase my ECBs Til I Can Get Free TP

This week CVS provides me with a neat little ladder for increasing my ECBs. This is a great example for newbies of how to use coupons to increase the number of ExtraBucks in your wallet:

1. I have only 3ECBs on my account (from doing the Coke deal last week).
2. I'll buy one Colgate for $3.99, use a $1/1 manufacturer's coupon (mq) and the 3ECBs, and get 3.99ECBs back.
3. I'll buy one Softsoap body wash for $4.99, use a $1/1 mq and the 3.99ECBs, and get 4.99ECBs back.
4. At that point, if I was just trying to build ECBs, I'd probably stop there for this week. But since I also want to pick up some Easter Clearance items and toilet paper, I'll get another Colgate (it's limit 2) with another $1/1 mq, and get $2 worth of Easter clearance items to spend the 4.99ECB. I'll get back 3.99ECB.
5. I'll buy the Scott TP 12-pack for $6.99, with a $2/1 CVS Q from the machine AND a $1/1 mq, and my 3.99ECB.
So with this plan I end the week broke again, but look at everything I got without spending a cent besides sales tax. That's shoplifting with permission!


Donna said...

Word, dude!! CVS totally rules. And to think there are people in the US still paying for toothpaste . . . .