Monday, April 6, 2009

CVS CRTs Today

I popped in and snagged the LAST free Easter basket at my CVS (Sadly, I could really use a couple more since Nutmeg is having a couple friends over tomorrow for an Easter egg hunt/playdate. I may just be heading over to the other CVS in town in the sleet later. No, I doubt that'll happen.)
I got a lot of CRT Qs with the purchase and from the machine, including a $2/1 for Huggies Little Swimmers and a $2/1 for Scott or Cottonelle 12-rolls.
I'm tempted to try the Little Swimmers Q along with a $1.50 MQ on the Huggies that are included in the "spend $25, get 10ECBs" offer this week. I bet it would work.
I don't see a deal coming up for Scott or Cottonelle TP, but it sure would be nice since I could pair that with a $1/1 Scott printable OR a .75/1 Cottonelle blinkie. And we are ALWAYS running out of TP.
Finally, I got a $15/$75 Q from the machine. I'm not going to even bother thinking about that, since I have less than 5ECBs right now. Just not gonna happen, especially since the diaper deal can only be done once.


Leah said...

I got the 15/75 q and my husband got a 20/100 q. I love CVS, but I don't know if I could come up with a $100 purchase!