Thursday, April 9, 2009

CVS: $4/$20 in da Email

Well, it's time to buy those diapers, because CVS just put a $4/$20 in my inbox. I'm glad I didn't do much CVS shopping this week so far.
Sadly, I blew all but 50 cents of my ExtraBucks buying nail polish remover for yesterday's tv appearance (I got a mani pedi in San Francisco, and the blue polish was chipping off in a manner that might be seemly these days for the Hollywood celebs but perhaps not so much for the pregnant grocery maven).
But at least I have a couple gift cards. This deal should get me two packs of diapers for $3 each, plus a big pack of wipes for 50 cents:
2 packs Huggies $20
1 pack wipes $5
- 4 CVS $4/$20 Q
3 two Huggies $1.50/1 MQs
.50 one Huggies .50/1 MQ
17.50, get 10ECBs back
Oh, and I suppose I might as well throw some free Colgate in my basket as well.