Saturday, April 11, 2009

Amazon Deals on GPS and Kitchen Wares

This post goes out to my brother-in-law Jimbo -- he's shopping for a Garmin GPS, and guess what? Amazon just posted some Garmin GPS deals. We have one of the clunkier ones, and now they have all kinds of nice thin ones. But clunky or not, I LOVE my GPS because I am literally lost without it.
Amazon's also having a 48-hour kitchen sale. Promising up to 60% off. The markdown on this KitchenAid stand mixer is only 20%, but those things ALWAYS make good Mother's Day presents if your mom has been really, really good this year. (Or if you have a number of siblings to go in with.)
If mom has only been moderately good like mine has (just kidding, Mom!), maybe some fancy Egyptian cotton towels marked down more than 80%? I guess they were lying when they said "up to 60% off," eh? Then again, some of Amazon's list prices are just ridiculous -- these 6 towels are marked original price $130, but who knows if anyone has ever sold them for that, right?
Oh, and while you're over at Amazon, there are as always plenty of food deals. Like $20 off when you spend $49 on frozen organic baby food, using the code TASTY555. Hmm, that might make a nice gift for the crunchy granola new mom, eh?
OK, now I SRSLY came to this cafe and paid $3 for a tiny latte in order to finish one of my freelance stories today, so I'm going over and out. Except that first I have to tell you that I spent $9 at my very first yard sale of the season this morning, and nabbed a plastic shopping cart, an outfit for the 2-year-old, a fleece for same, 3 pairs of shoes for same, a ballerina doll for the 4-year-old's Easter basket, a puzzle, a book, a Sesame Street play set, and a Zip Loc full of toy baby bottles.
Yeah, I am putting something from a YARD SALE in my kid's Easter basket. Wanna make something of it?


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