Monday, April 27, 2009

Amazon: Up to $60 Off on Britax Car Seats

We have two Britax seats (the Marathon and the Roundabout). They consistently get high safety marks on Consumer Reports tests, so, even though they cost nearly $300 apiece, I think it's worth it. If I were looking to save money with a new baby, I'd consider skipping the click-in infant seat and going straight to a big Britax seat, which can be used from the newborn stage on. Right now Amazon is offering Britax car seats at up to $60 off. Another good strategy is to get one from an acquaintance, either free or at a greatly reduced price. Just make sure the seat is less than around seven years old, and that it has never been in an accident. We got our extra Britax used for around $20 from someone we knew.
By the way, the New York Times article linked to above says that the "car seats expire after 5 years" rule is a myth. Graco is quoted in the article saying seven years is fine and even that includes a substantial buffer zone. I checked with a Graco PR rep today and she says the 7-year recommendation still stands. Also mentioned in the article: No, you don't have to buy fresh sunscreen every year (a relief to me since I stocked up on SO MUCH free sunscreen last fall!)