Monday, April 13, 2009

All You Coupons

I'm not really sure if my All You subscription paid off; it seems like I often toss an issue full of expired Qs only having torn out one or two $1/1s. I think I shall only subscribe again if I can get it free with airline miles.
At any rate, the May 22 issue arrived today and has several coupon for promotions currently happening at CVS:
$1/1 Softsoap Ensembles (there is another $1/1 in the March 20 issue)
$1/1 Colgate
There's also a $1/1 Cottonelle 12 pack, which is not a current CVS deal but is still a pretty darn good Q.


Helen said...

Hi Carrie, mine came yesterday and haven't browsed it yet. Is there anything you'd like? I think I read there is a Dentek floss pic coupon, which I could use!!

Helen said...

Here's what makes me mad. Because I subscribe, I'm missing a good insert of coupons! Read the list carefully and you'll see coupons with an asterick that are only available on the newsstand!!$1 on Peter Pan and HC Fresh Mixers, both of which I would love to have. grrr

Megan said...

It seems so many of the coupon bloggers think the magazine is so great, but I think it's partially because they get compensated (at least with this new deal through Southern Living) - I'm glad to hear for once that it might NOT be worth it to spend money for this magazine.