Saturday, April 18, 2009

$10 Off Robeez at Amazon

These Robeez baby shoes are outragously expensive new, but they really are great, especially for keeping infants' socks on. I see they have all kinds of new toddler styles out now. Also, OMG, the winter ones are on deep discount -- $15 for these boots which we have had and let me tell you, LOVE THEM for quick baby foot coverage in the cold.

I try to get my Robeez second-hand, but if you are looking for a baby gift, these things are IT. New parents won't know about them yet, so you'll be the smart, smart friend with the Really Useful Baby Gift.
You have to spend $60 to get the $10 discount, and so you'll end up with two or more pairs for $50, shipped.
If you stock up on winter Robeez for gifts -- like I'm finsta -- you should be able to get FOUR PAIRS for $50 shipped. Those things are listed elsewhere for $36, and worth every penny.

p.s. I ended up with a total just under $60, which did not trigger the $10 discount, so I switched to these Robeez Infant/Toddler Marigold Sneaker H&L Slip-On which were about $17. Then the discount applied automatically right before I confirmed my order. Four great baby presents, $51.87!