Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Year of Glamour for $1.50

Amazon's offering a year's subscription to Glamour for $1.50. Just keep in mind that it's an auto-renewing subscription. (Amazon explains how to cancel the auto-renew here, and reassures you that they'll email you a few days before they charge you for the next year to give you another chance to cancel.)
Amazon's also offering $5 and $10 cash back on bunch of a other magazines. You can get two years of Marie Claire for $10, then get $5 back, making it effectively $2.50 a year.


Becky said...

Thanks! I went for the Marie Claire. It actually has things to read in it. I'm not sure I'm the target demographic of Glamour anymore. I recently saw an issue that had "21 Ways to Turn on Your Man Without Trying." Turns out it was 21 body parts. And one of them was the vagina. Sigh.

Becky said...

I am an idiot. I ordered this Marie Claire sub the other day, and today I went out to my mailbox, and voila! A new copy of Marie Claire from some OTHER free or cheap subscription I got sometime. I need to keep notes.