Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wow -- Worms Create Quite the Discussion on Wise Bread

Yesterday, after Best Buy Worms emailed me encouraging me to acknowledge my inner bitch, I pretty much accepted that this company was not going to be reasoned into providing even a partial refund for the worms I paid for but never received. So I sat down and asked myself, what valuable lesson did that $40 buy me?
My conclusions are here on Wise Bread. At first I thought my little tale of a transaction gone wrong -- and then gone to ridiculous lengths of hostility -- would amuse a few readers and maybe make people think about our expectations of retailers big and small.
The post has proven to be of unusually high interest, with 36 comments and counting. Some readers were indignant that I identified the retailer, since it made it look like I was using Wise Bread to punish them for this petty misdeed.
I considered removing the company's name from the post -- at this point I am so over the financial loss and the namecalling only made me laugh. So it's not like I have an axe to grind with them, although I would like to warn others that this is not the nicest company to deal with. It turned out that other readers thanked me for including the name -- since Wise Bread readers are a pretty environmentally conscious community, they were glad to know to avoid this particular retailer.
Best of all, some readers provided me with links to more reputable worm breeders, so I'm going to put in a new order as soon as I get a chance. Which will be well after this super, awesome Parenthesis children's consignment sale ends Saturday -- no time for a worm break until then.