Monday, March 9, 2009

Western Chicago Suburbs: Don't Forget Consignment Sale This Weekend

This week I'll be crazy busy volunteering at the Parenthesis parenting center, getting ready for their biannual children's clothing consignment sale.

If you want to shop this sale (and you do), details are here. Friday night is a VIP sale that costs $20 to enter. Saturday morning is the regular sale. Saturday 11:30 to noon is the 1/2 price sale, and Saturday at noon or 12:30 (I forget, and it's UNADVERTISED) is my favorite -- the BAG SALE where you get a whole garbage bag full of clothes for five lousy bucks.

If you want to donate or consign clothing, there is still time for that too. Stop by Parenthesis or email the contact at that link to get a consignment kit, and drop your stuff off. If you want to donate, they'll even come pick up the clothes from your house!