Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We are back. Was it a frugal trip? Well, it was tax deductible, since the purpose was work for my husband and I both and we paid for it out of pocket.

Frugal things we did:
-- Took public transport and cabs instead of renting car
-- Only 1 night in hotel, the rest with friends
-- Brought $10 Wags Register Rewards which came in handy for milk, toilet paper, ice cream and Benadryl.
-- Brought plenty of snacks from home and brought breakfast to airport on day of departure.
-- Shopped a great resale store on my friend's street! (Once I get settled I'll take some pics of my new maternity wardrobe.)
-- Brought videos and books from the library for plane entertainment.
-- Brought cash from home cash machine and USUALLY restocked with cash from Wags or grocery store to avoid fees.
-- Spent most of our fun time at free attractions like parks, or socializing in friends' homes.

NON-frugal things we did:
-- Ate out or got takeout for most meals. Ordered liberally from our favorite -- not the least expensive -- restaurants.
-- Treated hosts and friends for at least one $100+ meal.
-- Bought plenty of snacks out and about despite the ones I packed.
-- Bought dinner at airport on day of return (leaving some delicious, fresh foods back in my friends' fridge).
-- Got dinner from non-network ATM once (guess who? not me!).
-- Splurged on a few items from non-resale boutique.
-- Got a mani/pedi.

So, as I look back on our week in SF, I see that we spent A LOT of money on restaurant food, but that we also saved big-time with the lodging and no car. Could have done much worse.

And of course I don't have any deals for you today, but check out this Post Cereal Catalina deal at Melissa's blog.


Melissa Huizinga said...

Welcome back!!!! :)