Monday, March 9, 2009

Walgreen's: It's Always Something

Today I drove over to the local Wags with my Internet-printed Huggies coupons and my $10 Register Rewards from the Dove deal. I was feeling confident that the deal would work, since readers here have already tried it successfully. The only thing I was a little nervous about were the coupons -- our printer is low on ink, and the bar codes were not as bold as I would have liked. Also, I was nervous that the $5 coupons all say "Gentle Care" and I didn't know if the Size 3 diapers come in Gentle Care or not.
Well, the coupons worked fine. The deal nor the sale prices were marked on the shelf, but I got two jumbo packs of size 3 diapers, which rang up at $10 each, and a bag of "Natural Care" wipes that rang up at $6. My three $5/1 coupons scanned no problem, bringing the total down to $11 + tax. Then I handed over my RR, and ...
It beeped. The register said, "Exceeds coupon value." I was told I couldn't use it, because ... something vague about having used too many coupons. I asked for the manager, and then waited quietly for the manager to come inside from helping a customer.
The manager first said it was because my total was less than $10. I showed her that it was actually around $13. Then she said it was because I was using more coupons than items. I asked couldn't I use one manufacturer's coupon and one store coupon per item, and she seemed to agree with that. Then she said it was because I had used more than one RR, which the cashier explained that I hadn't.
Finally, she said that I had to call 1-800-WALGREENS because their new policy is that if the register doesn't take the coupon, they can't override.
Hmph. I paid cash, and got my new $10 RR. Am just now realizing that I still got an AMAZING deal -- two packs of diapers and 180 wipes for $1 after coupons and RRs.
But I still have this Dove $10 RR in my coupon file. I have more Huggies coupons, so I will have to try the whole scenario again at another store. Which is annoying because Walgreen's isn't really on my normal daily circuit and I have a really busy week.
Can anyone guess what the problem might have been with the RR? Maybe if I had only used two MQs or if I had used one of the $3/1 MQs instead of three $5/1?
Still -- all those diapers and wipes for $1!
(By the way, I turned around and used the $10 RR from the diaper deal on the Coke deal -- 4 12-packs for $13. $3 RRs back. Worked no problem.)


Helen said...

Correct. The RR states you cannot have more manq than items, and an RR *does* count as a manq. You had 3 items and each had your $5 coupon. If you had just purchased a pencil or any cheap item as 'filler' your RR would NOT have beeped. The stores don't always understand all of the rules, so you need to be equipped and stand firm. store coupons (rebate book, ad, etc) do NOT count toward your item/coupon counts. But definitely you needed a 4th item to use your RR. sorry!

Mandy said...

I just went through this!!! If you hand over your RR from the Dove deal FIRST, it should go through fine. I forgot, and when it wouldn't take my $10 RR, I suddenly remembered going through this a few weeks ago. I explained this to the cashier, who was dubious, but voided my other coupons so she could ring the RR first, and then re-rang all 3 of the $5 coupons. Went through without a single beep! My total was $3.03, and I got the $10 RR back. I got two packages of diapers, and one of the "supreme" wipes.

Becky said...

I am not a WAGS shopper, and I'm wanting to try this deal, but Walgreen's scares me! It really does seem like it's always something!

Carrie said...

Ohhhh -- the RR IS a manufacturer's coupon. Now I get it. I wonder why it worked for Mandy.
But that's great to hear, because now I can probably still roll my Dove and Coke RRs into diapers when I get a chance this week. I'll just add a filler. And I don't really mind that much not being able to use my RR last time, except for having to make another trip. Since I was going to do this deal several times and only had one RR anyway, and you can't roll the RRs onto the same deal again, I would have ended up paying oop eventually.

Amanda said...

As Helen said, it is because Wags counts RR's as coupons. You can't have more coupons than items. The next time that happens, grab a candy bar or pack of gum, add that to the transaction, then hand over the RR. Everything should go smoothly.

But yeah, this is a sucky rule at Wags.

Suzanne Lee said...

I had the same thing happen to me today, except it wouldn't take my 3rd manufacturer's coupon. I added a candy bar.. and it STILL didn't work.

Helen said...

RRs also do not pay for tax, so ask the cashier for your pre-tax total before handing over your RR, even if your coupon/item count is good!