Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wags Actually Worked This Week! (But Now I Have to Go Back Again and Again)

These are my 9 packs of diapers, 3 packs of wipes, and 3 Garnier stylers that I bought at Walgreen's this week. I paid $16.50 for all this after Register Rewards and coupons. That's less than $2 a diaper pack, not even counting the wipes! I used five $5/1 coupons, four $3/1, and three $1.50/1s. I could have printed out a couple more of the $5/1 and $3/1 Qs, but my laptop went into the shop before the coupons were reset. The Garnier was free with the EasySaver coupon and 3 $1/1 manufacturer's coupons.
Since some stores I hit were low on Size 3, my toddler's size, I decided to buy my first newborn diapers for the new baby. Both Nutmeg and I were really excited to buy those! With the Playskools I got last week and these four packs of Size 3 Huggies, along with the cloth diapers that we use most days, I'm hoping maybe these are the last Size 3 diapers I'll buy with Pebbles. Either she'll be potty trained or grow into Size 4.
Wow. Well, those Huggies coupons were a rare occurance, but they sure made Walgreen's work for me this week.
But now I have $30 in Register Rewards to deal with. I have heard about people using them at other stores, like Jewel, since they say "manufacturer's coupon" on them. I tried this at two different Jewels today, and both cashiers told me no dice. Now, some folks on the Hot Coupon World forums have called over the manager and gotten their way with the RRs, but I didn't want to do that.
I guess like the most expedient thing to do would be to spend them on full rebate items, so I can get a gift card and use it anytime I need something from Wags. Then again, looking at next week's RR deals, I can see it would be easy to roll at least two of my $10RRs in a single transaction -- just do all 3 suggested RR deals on Money Saving Mom. Everyone in my family always wants Dove soap too so that would be a bonus.
By the way, in the background of the pic is the Easter egg tree Nutmeg made with her dad. It's kind of, um, surprisingly tall, but she loves it.


Anonymous said...

I used my huggies RR at jewel this week at the self checkout and they went through no problem. I didn't feel guilty using them since they do say man. coup. on them and i had read that jewel was taking them.

Haleigh Cush said...

How were you able to print more than 2 Huggies coupon per coupon reset on your computer? I get blocked on and Any suggestions for a new coupon'er?

Carrie said...

Good to hear that the RRs didn't need any kind of override on the self-checkout; I might try that since I agree -- we're not doing the store any harm since they should be able to get reimbursed no problem.
Haleigh, after a few days, Money Saving Mom reported that had reset the Huggies coupons so people could print more. When I went back, instead of saying I had reached my print limit, it allowed me to print two more per computer.

Kendra at New Life On A Homestead said...

I was wondering if you know how long they are running the Huggies promotion, and if they are even advertising it?? I called my store and they said they didn't know anything about it, so I didn't want to try and not get any RR's. Thanks so much for any help!!

Carrie said...

Kendra, it was advertised in last week's flyer, so I thought it ended yesterday. Unless anyone knows otherwise, if so please speak up.