Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Today's Jewel Catalina Transaction

I stopped into Jewel this afternoon and got four bags of 2% Kraft cheese (3 shredded mozzerella and 1 cheese sticks), plus two bottles of Kraft South Beach salad dressing. The store had all kinds of items tagged for the promotion, which is SO nice and reassuring. Also, my store now has a price checker way back in the diaper aisle, so I can check my "precard" prices before going up to the register.
The precard came up to exactly $25 ($4 for each shredded cheese and dressing, $5 for the cheese sticks), card price $13, after coupons $10 + tax. I paid with my last $10 Cat and got ... nothing.
I asked the checker if the Cat machine was working, and she opened it up to reveal a bunch of tape all scrunched up. Oh no. I stood there wondering if I should just say forget it and give up my Cats.
But guess what? The manager on duty actually told another checker to rering my stuff, without bothering with a return! Of course it worked great and I got both the $3 for the Kraft cheeses and the $10 for spending $25. Rock!


Amanda said...

Good for you for getting your cats! I've had that happen before, but I had to return the items and have them rerung to get the cats. Grrr!

Carrie said...

In the past I had to return them too, and if you have to do a return when you paid with Cats it can be a nightmare. I was so happy! I think I will have to go during the day more often.

Laura said...

Do you know how long the Kraft deal is going? I did the deal twice (separately) on Saturday, but want to do it again two more times. We eat cheese like CRAZY and I've already gone through 3 of the bricks in 4 days! Can you pay with these catalinas from this cheese deal and still get more, or can you not recycle (like Wags ya can't). Thanks!