Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Flyers: Free Granola Bars at Target and More

Ah, the husband just took both kids with him to Nutmeg's ice skating practice, so I have about two hours of blissful silence here at home. And I dedicate that silence to you, dear readers. Because despite the word on the street in the world of vermiculture, I really do care. And am not really that much of a b**** unless you cross me.
First up this morn is the latest gift card offer at Target. Buy 5 selected Quaker items, get a $5 card. The ad lists 10-count Quaker Chewy bars at $2 each. So buy 5 of those for $10, use five $1/1 Qs from the 3/8 RedPlum, and after the GC, you pay ... zero. (There were also some $1/1 for something called True Delights Quaker bars in the 3/1 RedPlum, not sure if these are included in the deal.)
This weeks coupons sweeten a few deals at CVS, Jewel and possibly Wags.
CVS: If you can get a Sunday paper for $1.25, you'll earn it back at CVS this week on coupons: If you're getting the free Irish Spring body wash (Sun., Mon. or Tues. only), there's a .50/1 Q in today's SmartSource. And if you're getting the free Colgate, use the .75/1 Q in today's SmartSource to make a little extra. (There's also a $1/1 Colgate Q coming in the April 17 All You.)
Jewel: I'm pretty psyched to see a $1/2 Triscuit or Wheat Thins Q in SmartSource today; this is incentive to keep rolling the Catalina that runs through next Sunday, 3/22. Fortunately I didn't go crazy on the Triscuits yet but they will go nicely with all that cheese.
There's also another Q for a free pack of Wrigley's brand gums in today's SmartSource. These are so nice when you're trying to get up to $20 or $30 at CVS.
Wag's: My flyer says the Dove RR deal is "buy 8, get $8RR," not "get $10RR" as I read in Money Saving Mom. Disappointing. At any rate, there are two pages of Dove Qs in today's RedPlum, including $1.25 of one GoFresh deodorant and $1/1 six-pack of soap bars. The Dove products are also on sale, although the prices are not listed. I don't think that specific deodorant is pictured in the RR ad, but you might be able to use the coupon for any old deodorant; if they're on sale for, say, $2.50, buying 8 of them with 8 Qs and getting $8RRs back would make them just a quarter each.
Also, MSM is suggesting buying the single Dove bars for the deal. The picture shows the 6-pack. If anyone out there knows if the single bars are working, please let us know here. Today's coupon is for a 6-bar pack, but again, I wonder if it might work with six of the singles or even one of the singles. If you buy eight singles for the $1.04 sale price and successfully use eight $1/1 Qs, THAT would be a deal -- pay 32 cents, get $8RR! I'm not holding my breath but you never know. Plenty of coupons do work for sizes and varieties not listed on them.
Which reminds me -- yesterday at Wag's I had a nice little "Pay it Forward" moment. I was at an unfamiliar store since I had to drive an hour to southwest Chicago (eek) to pick up my laptop at the area's reputed best repair shop. I was buying all those Huggies, and the woman behind me was buying a pack of Pampers. I asked the cashier, who was very friendly, if they were strict about coupon expiration dates. He said no, so I handed the woman behind me the $1.50 Pampers Q that was sitting in my file. It had expired 2/28 but it went through just fine. She was happy.
Other various items from today's inserts:
Parade has a $3/1 for Prilosec OTC and a $25 off your prescription Q for a nasal spray allergy med called Veramyst. (It says it's the only one med that treats both nasal and eye symptoms. I bet my allergist would be skeptical, and Ii shouldn't by trying any recently released drugs while pregnant. But I am really curious about this and will mention it, since I have terrible eye allergies in summer and am usually on an $85/month 3-drug cocktail to suppress them.)
The Toys R Us flyer has a bunch of coupons and offers: $2/3 baby shampoo, wash, lotion, powder or diaper rash (might want to read this before choosing a baby toiletries); $2/1 Seventh Generation diaper pack (combine with this $2/1 manufacturer's coupon here to get a real deal); free Belkin iPod cable when you buy a Nano for $1.49.99; free Giratina figure when you reserve copy of Pokemon Platinum for $5 (huh?); finally, on March 21 from noon to 2 p.m. they're having a 50th birthday party for Little People, including story time, coloring, and a free DVD and other giveaways. (You know, because it's so worth it to bring your kids into a TOY STORE on a Saturday so someone can read them a story. Thanks, but no thanks, Toys R Us.)
Oh, and if you're headed to Toys R Us anyway, you might want to bring the Leapfrog Tag Qs you can get by pledging here to read to your kid. Unless you're banking on winning one of the Tags I'm giving away here and here.


Becky said...

OMG, just clicked over and sampled that forum thread. The post where the guy says Dee got mad just like Jesus when he cast the moneychangers out of the temple!!!

Good grief.

Carrie said...

Yeah, I really landed myself in the middle of something over there. I guess I am done trying to be all, "I will warn the public." I was really itching to keep replying back, especially when they said this Dee said I would use the power of newspaper journalism against them or somesuch. Because everyone knows nothing is powerful like newspaper journalism, these days.
But then I realized that anyone reading this forum could see these people were foaming at the mouth, and if they really want to get the whole sordid story they can click through to my blog and read _all_ the emails exchanged between us, and blah blah blah. Enough, eh?

TNkaderabecks said...

Hey there, was at Wags yesterday and the dove deo coupons work on ANY deo...also I bought 8 dove products and got $10RR so it is still $10 HERE!

Amber said...

I went to Walgreens on Sunday and bought 8 of the individual Dove bar soaps (not the trial). They were $1.19 each with the 25% off. Even though my flier stated "buy 8 get 8RRs" I did get a RR for $10. I am in Southern Illinois.