Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shopping March 11-17 Catalina Cheese Party!

I was pretty bad this week about keeping track of all my receipts for shopping. I did the Kraft Catalina over and over, did the Huggies diaper deal, was otherwise busy with work and kids, using my media superpowers to badmouth an innocent worm farm, and looking at my pile of receipts I don't think I have them all.
According to what I have, I spent $52 at Jewel and $50 at Trader Joe's. Since we are going out of town on Monday and I won't have time to shop (except for running the Catalina a few more times), I actually planned on spending 2 weeks' worth of budget at my TJs run yesterday, but I found I really didn't need much.
Of my Jewel spending, I spent about $10 on the Catalina. That was my initial investment, plus another $10.50 after I lost the Cat by messing up, subtracting the Cats when I earned more than I spent on a transaction. Most of the cheese made money, since it qualified for both the $10 and $3 Cats.

Here's what I got for that $10:

Not pictured is a loaf or two of bread that we ate already. Lots of sandwiches and toast this week, and since I often don't buy bread the fam is pretty happy with that.

This is stupid, but I didn't even count all that cheese when I had it all laid out on the table. I think I got 20 packages or so. Four to six packs of deli meat, four boxes Triscuits, some pickles, salad dressing, and the Capri Sun.

Not bad considering I would normally be thrilled to get 4 pounds of cheese for $10. This week I got about 10 pounds for that, plus all the other goodies.

So I have around $40 to spend this coming week on groceries, and we probably won't even spend that. Since my TJ's run was just yesterday, the fridge is bursting with organic produce, cheese (tho a lot of it went in the freezer), and such.