Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shopping Feb. 18-March 3 DEALS, DEALS, DEALS

This week was all about the deals -- using the $10/$50 and Super Coupons at Dominick's and working the ConAgra Catalina at Jewel. (Both of those are still available through tomorrow, by the way.)
I did well. After my $10/$50 and other coupons at Dominick's, my $50 worth of groceries came to 38.57. 63 percent savings. That included a free box of cereal, a free 2-liter of soda, a 99-cent pound of butter and even a 12-pack of beer for the hubs.
Since a few of those items were non-grocery (garbage bags, a gift for my daughter, and some soup my parents will reimburse me for), that trip only took $27 of my $66 available grocery funds.
I also made a $3 trip to Dominick's where I got the freebies all again along with some eggplant. I accidentally got fancy, expensive small Asian eggplants, which they were going to charge me some ridiculous double-digit price for, but since they were mixed in with the large ones and there were hardly any large ones left, the manager gave them to me for the $1/lb. sale price.
Then there was Jewel. I spent 23 cents doing the Catalina deal for 8 Act II popcorns, $5 doing it for 6 Marie Callender frozen meals (for the hub' backup lunches), $7.50 doing it for 20 big cans of tomatoes (plus $1 for the cost of coupons), and $7 doing it for 8 big boxes Crunch N Munch (plus $1 in coupons). And a final transaction today with 6 cans Hunt's tomatoes, 2 Manwich, 1 Wesson, 1 Reddi Wip and 1 mustard for $7.35. So that was about $27 spent on the Catalina deal. The only thing that really thrilled me about that was the canned tomatoes.
Finally, I got $14 in other stuff at Jewel -- onions, 99-cent 8-oz. cheese bricks, kale, whole wheat hamburger buns and a clearance pack of peanut-butter-filled chocolates for my honey.
So, I spent $71, $5 over this week's budget. Close. That means next week I'll have $63 to spend. One of these days I'm going to stay under budget so I will have the whole enchilada to spend the next week.


Mommy Saves ALOT!!! said...

Found you through Money saving mom....

Great job with your shopping deals!

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